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Sunday, 2018-04-22


trimetric 3D Service GmbH
An der Universität 2
30823 Garbsen

Tel.: +49 511 762 18 220
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Optical measuring systems 3D are used as universal measuring instruments and testing sets. (Citation: VDI-VDE 2634 sheet 1).

To fullfil these requirements, the measuring systems needs to be calibrated and controlled in periodical terms. In difference to with other measuring systems our systems are calibrated not only manufacturer-sided but also immediately with certificated calibration panels before the realisation of the project. With this approach can be made sure that the calibration is carried out under the local basic conditions which often does not match with the lab terms of the manufacturer. Therefore we are independent of the place of the digitization, so in the tool construction, in the office, in the air-conditioned measuring space etc. always with the best possible calibration can be worked. To the examination of this calibration we help ourselves to the most topical directive VDI/VDE in 2634 sheet 1 to sheet 3 for optical measuring systems. 

To guarantee these high high-class claims, a regular supervision of our used calibration panels occurs in a DKD-certificated test lab.

Therefore we can guarantee you the high exactness and reliability of our systems.