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Monday, 2018-04-23


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TRITOP is the ideal supplement for digitizing big and complicated components with the ATOS system. The highly exact initial measurement of the reference points reduces the admission time while increasing the accuracy because the ATOS measurements can be integrated directly into a higher authoritative point field. By this approach it is possible to digitize also big components with the highest exactness.

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TRITOP photogrammetry

As independent measuring system TRITOP can be used as optical cmm which combines the classical approach of a tactile measuring machine with the advantages of the optical measuring technology. For this the features to be measured are signalled by reference markers or special adaptors to be calculated later automatically by the software. The alignment to the tool coordinate system occurs about marked RPS points, so that no more special measuring fixtures or adjustment on the measuring table is necessary any more. This approach and the high mobility permit the quick and efficient measurement directly on the object in the production surroundings.