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Sunday, 2018-04-22


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Reverse Engineering

Scan Data and CAD Model

The meshes generated with  3D digitization describe the surface of an object with a huge number of planar triangles. As this data can often not be used in the downstream applications we can use the reverse engineering for creating CAD-like surfaces.

Consistent with your requirements we offer you the following possibility:

  • Rapid Surface Creation
  • Topological Reverse Engineering
  • Class A - Designsurfaces
  • Parametric Models

With the help of several software packages we can deliver a lot of different file formats. Please get in  contact with us.

In unserem Downloadbereich finden Sie weiteres ausführlicheres Informationsmaterial im PDF-Format.


 topologische Flächenrückführung [182KB]

 3D Qualitätsanalyse [475KB]

 3D Qualitätsanalyse - Umformteil [480KB]

 Qualitätsuntersuchung - Werkzeugoptimierung [125KB]


Für die Darstellung von PDF-Dokumenten auf Ihrem Computer benötigen Sie den kostenlosen  Adobe Reader.