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Quality control

In contrast to the classical quality control using measuring machines which measure only a few hundred points, the quality control of an optically digitized object also delivers the areas which remained disregarded in the drawings. Instead of checking figure columns page by page and equalizing with the drawing we offer a clear deviation plot which shows at first sight whether everything is solid. Certainly we can also measure distances, geometric dimension and tolerances and wall thickness to find defects, material accumulations and other possible imperfections.

Deviation plot
gd & t
sectional distances

Another advantage over CMM consists in the fact that no special fixture for the part is necessary. The digitizing can take place in nearly any position you want because the alignment to CAD-data is done during post processing. Local and global deviations can be visualized fast and precise by using different types of alignment strategy like 3-2-1, RPS or best-fit.

Beside a comprehensive inspection report in the PDF format you can use a  free viewer for the individual representation, evaluation and documentation of the inspected part.