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Thursday, 2018-04-19


trimetric 3D Service GmbH
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3D Digitizing / 3D Scanning

The 3D digitization delivers the basis for a huge number of uses for which the knowledge of the exact geometry is indispensable. Regardless of the component size as well as of the material we can capture surfaces fast and in high resolution with the ATOS sensor (Advanced Topometric sensor).

The use of photogrammetric procedures allows full area and contactless measurements directly from the measured picture pairs with up to 2 million points per measurement. Further measurements are automatically transformed into a common coordinate system and permits therefor the digitizing of the whole object from several single views. Besides the surface it is also possible to detect the hole pattern and the trimming.

With the help of a compact method of construction and online monitoring of all relevant parameters we can also measure under difficult conditions at your location.

Optische Aufnahme
gerenderte STL Daten


  • Generierung von triangulierten Oberflächenmodellen z.B. für FEM

  • Grundlage für Flächenrückführung

  • Detektion von manuellen Änderungen am Bauteil

  • Flächenhafter Vergleich zwischen Soll- und Ist-Daten (CAD)

  • Vollflächige Wandstärkenermittlung

  • Ermittlung von Aufsprung und Rückfederung

  • Erstmusterprüfbericht

  • Virtual Reality und 3D-Visualisierung

  • Flächenrückführung