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Our services in optical 3D-digitization and CAD

3D Digitizing / 3D Scanning

Whether point-cloud, polygonmesh, triangulated 3D-mesh ...the results of the 3D-digitization have many names. They all stand for the description of surfaces with single measuring points by corresponding measuring procedures. The digitized actual state of a component is the starting point for a huge number of applications.

Quality Control

The quality control of the records generated by 3D digitization is applied when the measurement with coordinate measuring machines is too costly, too protracted or simply too complicated on account of the part geometry. With a full-field deviation to the CAD model the whole part can be inspected fast and form divergences can easily be localised.

Reverse Engineering

Mathematical surfaces and bodies are created by reverse engineering of measuring data and can be used easily in your CAD system. This procedure proved successful especially in the case of objects, where no CAD data are available (such as handmade prototypes) or afterwards changes of components which are built in an existing CAD data.

3D Visualization

You would like to present your product as an interactive 3D-model in the Internet, but don´t know how to realise it? Using the 3D digitizing in combination with high resolution texture maps we can quickly and cost effectively deliver your product fit to Internet.

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